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True Story Production is a New York City creative Company, working across numerous channels and categories in Audio, Filming, Photography, Brand Consultation and Artist Development. We have created dynamic pictures, video and audio for some of the world’s most popular brands and artists. Our all-star team handles nearly every scale and genre. Regardless of project size and budget, we move toward all the same way. Make it better than you ever expected it could be.

Audio Production

Our Manhattan studio is conveniently located in the center of the major entertainment markets. Weather it’s Songwriting, Beat Making, Tracking, Mixing or Mastering, our team of Producers and Engineers can handle any genre of music and at the highest quality offered.

Video & Film

True Story Productions  is your one-stop-shop, from concept to wrap up! True Story’s Video team can handle everything from TV Commercials, Music Videos, Movies, and Documentaries. Our Productions team includes: Directors, Directors of Photography (DPs), Editors and Writers. We offer personal and professional help to service your vision. Equipped with award winning cameras such as RED Cinema, Arri Alexa, and Canon 5D Mark III. We travel everywhere and anywhere

Photography & Make Up

With decades of experience, our team can handle anything your project requires. Our make up artists will make you look your very best and our brilliant photographers will make you shine like the star you are, all while having fun along the way!

Graphic Design

More often than not, a project will need material and our in-house designers will work to create the perfect piece to fit your needs.


109 west 27th St. Chelsea, Manhattan, New York , NY 10001 3rd Floor (Ring Bell  3A)

Office Contact  (718)902-2431



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